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chlark_100's Journal

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Chlark: Changing the Mythos, one drabble at a time.
A community for posting drabbles based on the Smallville characters of Clark Kent and Chloe Sullivan and their relationship. It's a drabble challenge community so all entries must be approximately 100 words and follow the week's challenge, which will be in the form of a one-word prompt.

A new challenge will be set each week (Tuesday). Don't worry if your drabble is a little longer or a litle shorter than 100 words as long as it's near enough. Up to 199 words is just fine.

It's a members-only community so you will have to join in order to post.


There are just a few:

1. For general drabbles, you don't have to include a header (summary, author name, rating, disclaimer, etc) with your drabble. If you choose a title, you can put it in the subject line or the LJ cut link.

2. Please include warnings for drabbles with mature ratings, or spoilers for upcoming episodes, and use LJ cuts.

3. Please tag your entry with the appropriate prompt.

4. Please respect other people's work.

5. There aren't any limits to how many drabbles you can post each week, but it might be a good idea to lump two or three together in one post to avoid cluttering up people's friends pages.

6. Any aspect of Clark and Chloe's relationship is acceptable-- romance, future Chlark/Chlark babies, platonic friends, etc. Even enemies if you so desire. Drabbles of other pairings are acceptable only in the context of how they relate to Chlark's relationship.

7. Enjoy yourself and have fun!

If you have any questions, feel free to PM iliana_1 or marikology and one of us will get back to you as soon as we can.

DISCLAIMER: Clark Kent, Chloe Sullivan, and other related characters are the property of DC Comics, Warner Brothers, and CW Television. No infringment is intended.